Pink by Lili Wilkinson

“Sixteen-year-old Ava does not know who she is or where she belongs, but when she tries out a new personality–and sexual orientation–at a different school, her edgy girlfriend, potential boyfriend, and others are hurt by her lack of honesty.”

Wilkinson, Lili. (2009). Pink. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers. ISBN: 978-0-06-192653-2. Hardcover. $16.99.

Pink is about a young girl named Ava who needs a change in her life. She’s come out to her parents as lesbian and dating a girl named Chloe, but feels like things just aren’t right. Ava convinces her parents to let her transfer to a new school where she can start over and be someone new. Trying to find herself, she decides may she’d try, fit in with the popular crowd and ditch her black clothing and wear pink and maybe even have a boyfriend. This book is all about and young girl trying to find herself but the more she new things, the less sure she is about who she really wants to be. While she needs to do what’s right for her and worry less about what others think, it’s never that simple. Will she ever figure out who she wants to be and more importantly, will she find that she’s happy with her new school, new friends and new style wearing pink?

This book explores the idea of not always knowing what you want and what may be best for you. It also shows that not everything is black and white or in Ava’s case, black and pink, especially when it comes to sexuality and life. I’d recommend libraries to purchase this book because it may help teens who have issues with identity, sexuality or finding themselves in general.

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