The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

“When Alex, a junior at an elite preparatory school, realizes that she may have been the victim of date rape, she confides in her roommates and sister who convince her to seek help from a secret society, the Mockingbirds.”

Whitney, Daisy. (2010). The Mockingbirds. New York, NY: Hachette Book Group. ISBN: 978-0-316-09053-7. Hardcover. $16.99.

This book is about a young girl named Alex who finds herself in a bit of an ordeal. She’s a good kid who goes to boarding school called Themis Academy. Not too long ago she was a virgin, but now she’s left trying to figure out what transpired after she woke up in the bed of a boy named Patrick without any memory of what happened. She’s not sure exactly what happened, although she’s told that she had sex, and especially not sure what she should do. This book dives into the feelings of a young girl who is struggling with her emotions and what action should be taken when she has been date-raped. She’s not sure whether to say anything but her friends and sister insist that she at least with a secret group of students called the Mockingbirds who help find justice when issues arise in the student body. Will she decide to keep stay silent or will she seek out the help of the Mockingbirds?

From what I can tell as a male, this book seemingly does well at exploring the thoughts and feelings of what it would be like after waking up and realizing the tragedy which occurred for poor Alex. This book does well to explore the complexities of the subject matter and gives the readers a first person perspective of what it’s like to be in this terrible situation. I would recommend libraries purchase this book because it helps readers understand what women go through when placed in this terrible situation. In light of recent similar situations in the new, it helps recount what may be going through these women’s heads and why they don’t speak out about the issue.

Awards won:

  • The Amelia Bloomer Book List

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