Naruto: Volume 1 by Masashi Kishimoto

“In the village of Konohagakure, school is literally a battlefield where classmates are ninjas-in-training competing to become the greatest ninja in the land.”

KishimotoMasashi. (2011). Naruto: Volume 1. San Francisco, CA: Simon & Schuster. ISBN: 9781421539898. Paperback. $14.99.

Uzamaki Naruto is a rambunctious kid who lives in a village with no parents to look after him. He’s in school to become a ninja aka shinobi but isn’t a very studious kid. But what he lacks in enthusiasm in school, he makes up in effort. He’ll never give up because he wants to be the best and some day become a Hokage or the head ninja and leader of his village. When he starts his training, he gets paired up into a team with Sakura and Sasuke. There’s a love triangle going on and Naruto is crushing on Sakura but she’s into Sasuke and he doesn’t want anymore more than to get revenge on the one who killed his family. Will this unlikely team be able to band together to pass their trials by sensei Kakashi? There are many more volumes of Naruto, so read on to find out!

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