Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

“Once again, the Earth is under attack. An alien species is poised for a final assault. The survival of humanity depends on a military genius who can defeat the aliens. But who? Ender Wiggin is a brilliant, ruthless, cunning, a tactical and strategic master, and a child. Recruited for military training by the world government, Ender’s childhood ends the moment he enters his new home: Battle School. How will Ender perform in real combat conditions? After all, Battle School is just a game. Isn’t it?”

Card, Orson Scott. (1985). Ender’s Game. New York, NY: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. ISBN: 978-0-7653-3732-0. Paperback. $12.99.


Ender’s Game! You know the name because it was a movie from 2013 with Harrison Ford, Han Solo himself. Well before the movie it was a book. This book by Orson Scott Card came out in 1985 and can be described as a military sci-fi book based in the future where Earth is threatened by aliens who seek to kill off mankind. Enter Andrew aka Ender, who proves promising in simulated war games and may be the only person who can save mankind. There’s also his older sister and brother who are attempting to mold Earth’s destiny if they do survive. This is the first book in a series of five so if you dig it, there’s more to whet your appetite.

Awards won:

  • Nebula Award for Best Novel
  • Hugo Award for Best Novel
  • Science Fiction Chronicle Reader Award for Best Novel

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